Income Tax Consultant in Karachi

Nov - 18

Income Tax Consultant in Karachi

Karachi aka Mini Pakistan

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world. It is a vibrant city that is located on the coast of Arabian Sea. In fact, it is a giant city that is often dubbed as “mini Pakistan.” The latest population census has proved this fact. The city is home to about 20 million people and some important businesses. As the last date of income tax filing is approaching, the people living in Karachi are heading towards income tax consultants to file tax returns. This blog post discusses how to find income tax consultant in Karachi.


Income Tax Filing in Karachi

Karachi is home to more than 10% of Pakistani population. The city boasts huge business concerns and it is a source of a great amount of income for Pakistan and Pakistanis. Though the city is very big, there no shortage of talent. The people of the city are good and like to pay taxes. It is not difficult to find an income tax consultant in Karachi. The people who submit tax returns charge a small price for their services. Most of us do not know the latest income tax rules. It becomes very easy to do this if you hire a tax professional.


Income Tax Consultant in Karachi

The income tax filing in Karachi has now become very easy because some tax services firms are offering services online. We are also an online tax firm specializing in income tax filing. If you provide them the pictures of your required documents, we will submit your tax returns within a day. You do not need to do anything; just call us and we will take care of the rest. Do you need an income tax consultant in Karachi? We are here to help you; call us now and get your discount!

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  1. I want to submit tax return of my business for the year 2017-2018. Which documents are required and what will be the consultancy fee.
    My contact # 03343039762

  2. Dear sir
    I am working in Saudi Arabia since 2003 and want to be a Filer I don’t have any property or vehicle in my name or family name .All I earned spent on children education marriages and other family problems. Alhamdolillah now they are all settled. I am finally returning back in 2019 to my country and purchase a small flat and car . I want to avoid w/tax full range and wish to be a filer and need your help and advise

  3. Sir i want to know the amount of penalty imposed by the government in case of non submission of income tax return

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