Income Tax Filing Last Date, Beware Non-Filers

Nov - 13
income tax filing last date Pakistan

Income Tax Filing Last Date, Beware Non-Filers

A small number of people in Pakistan pay the actual tax they are supposed to pay. As per the Income Tax Laws in Pakistan, the income tax non-filers can be imprisoned and fined by the tax authorities. In this topic, we are going to discuss the consequences one may have to face if he or she does not submit income tax returns within the deadline.


Income Tax Laws in Pakistan

The latest deadline from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Pakistan for the income tax filing in Pakistan is 15th November 2017. Income tax laws in Pakistan are changing day by day. People often ask;

  • What if a person does not file income tax returns?
  • Can the tax authorities arrest non-filer of income tax returns?

The income tax filing last date is important and we should file our tax returns before it. Otherwise, the tax authorities can arrest you and impose fine as well.


Income Tax Filing Last Date

The income tax filing last date is approaching but a small number of people have yet submitted their income tax returns. Have you filed your income tax returns yet? If you are earning a Rs.400,000 annual salary or equivalent income in case of non-salaried persons you should do the income tax filing in Pakistan as soon as possible.


Consequences for Non-Filers

Here, we will discuss the consequences for not filing income tax returns. A non-filer of income tax return may face one or all of the following;

  • You may get caught for not declaring your assets.
  • FBR may impose a penalty for not documenting your income.
  • FBR may impose a penalty for not filing the wealth statement.


Benefits of Income Tax Filing

If you do income tax filing in a timely manner, you can avail many benefits. Some of the notable benefits of tax filing are enlisted below;

  • You fulfill your responsibility
  • You become a responsible citizen
  • You can claim taxes you paid beforehand


We File Income Tax Returns

Do you need income tax consultant in Pakistan? Income Tax Return Filing Pakistan is the name you can trust. Contact us and we will submit your income tax returns in a timely manner. The time remaining for the income tax filing is short; so act now and get your discount. Call us today and let’s get started before the income tax filing last date.


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