Income Tax Calculator Pakistan

What is an Income Tax Calculator?

An income tax calculator is a program offered by this website to calculate the income tax a person has to pay. Currently, only salaries persons can determine their income tax liability using this income tax estimator.

Who Needs this Tax Calculator?

Anyone who want to get a hint about the income tax applicable on their salaries can use this income tax estimator. With the help of our updated income tax calculator, you can have an idea about the income tax you might have to pay if we ignore everything else.

What Does this Tax Calculator Show?

The amount shown by our tax calculator is not exactly the same amount you have to pay in income taxes in a given tax year. You can make changes to the tax amount at the time of tax filing by mentioning the expenses you have incurred for the same tax year.

The Purpose of this Tax Calculator

the main purpose of a tax calculator is to help people in filing income tax returns. The income tax filing process starts by calculating the gross income tax return a person has to pay as per the recent rules. This calculator is based on the same concept.

Main Features of Tax Calculator

Our income tax estimator is the most advanced one in Pakistan. It is fully loaded with promising features. Enlisted below are some of the most important features.

  • It is easy to use this tax estimator
  • It is made as per the Income Tax Rules 2017
  • Tells You About the Gross Income Tax Payable
  • It is made as per the Income Tax Ordinance 2001

Income Tax Filing in Pakistan

You need to have some technical information for filing income tax returns properly. If you know the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and Income Tax Rules 2017, you can get some extra benefits. Similarly, if a person does not know all rules regarding income tax filing, he or she can miss out many benefits. Let us help you in tax filing.

Let’s File Your Income Tax Returns!

If you are a Pakistani citizen and interested in NTN registration and income tax filing in Pakistan, we can help you. We are a Accounts and Taxation Services firm in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. With the help of our Chartered Accountant and Lawyers, we can help you file income tax returns in a timely manner.

Our income tax calculator is in the update phase. We are so sorry about it! It is coming very soon; stay tuned!

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