Income Tax Filing

What is an Income Tax?

While living in a country, we have to pay a certain amount to the government as per our income. This payable amount is known as income tax. There are many types of taxes in an economy. When we purchase a product, we pay tax (sales tax). When we avail a service, we also pay tax. Government is trying to impose taxes on everything. The citizens of Pakistan are overtaxed in many cases.


What is Income Tax Filing?

The process designed by the tax authorities to pay income taxes is known as income tax filing. It is necessary for the salaried persons to use this method to file income tax returns if they earn more than Rs.400,000 per year. Similarly, the self-employed persons and businessmen also have to follow the same process for income tax return filing.


Why Do I Need to Pay Tax?

As per the laws laid down in Pakistan, it is necessary to pay income tax to the state if you are earning a particular sum of money per year. Each and every citizen or consumer living in Pakistan pay different kinds of taxes each time they spend money on a product or service. Federal Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan is the government organization that collects the income tax.


Can I Get Back My Tax?

Do you know that you can get a lot of money back from the government? How? By claiming the extra taxes you paid in a tax year. If you file your tax returns for a given year, you can get back a significant portion of the taxes you paid in that particular tax year.


How to File Income Tax?

Income tax filing has been a hectic task. Most of the people do not have the required knowledge to file income tax online. We are not only raising the awareness about income tax responsibility but also helping Pakistanis file income tax returns. We also help people claim the extra taxes they pay each day.


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