Income Tax Return Filing Pakistan

income tax return filing in Pakistan

The Role of Tax in an Advanced Economy

Taxes play a pivotal role in the well-being and development of a country. All modern democratic economics collect a variety of taxes from the citizens and the people living in them. For the well-being of the whole nation, the income tax return filing Pakistan is of utmost importance.

Tax Responsibility as a Pakistani

While living in Pakistan as a Pakistani citizen or a foreigner, we have some duties and liabilities towards the country. One of those payable things towards the country is the income tax. We already pay sales tax and other indirect taxes each time we purchase a product. We also pay taxes for the services we utilize.

Income Tax Return Filing Pakistan

In Pakistan, the income tax return filing concept is still a new one. As per the statistics available to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan, less than half of the persons living in Pakistan are registered with income tax authorities.

Out of this half population of the country, a small percentage of people actually pay the income tax. And the income tax these meager people pay is also not realistic.

Making Income Tax  Return Filing Pakistan Easy

Do We Pay More Tax? 

The tax rates in Pakistan are not quite high. In terms of tax on income, Sweden is the country that charges high to its citizens. But the best thing is, it is also the country with high standards of living.

In the United States of America, the rates of tax on income are also high. So if you think that the Pakistani government does not facilitate its citizens as much as they take in taxes; please note that the government is working on it.

The people sitting in the top echelons of the tax department are now trying to respect and facilitate the people who pay taxes. They are also trying to create a clear differentiation between the taxpayers and those who steal it. The income tax return filing is of utmost importance.

How Do I File Tax Returns? 

There is no rocket science involved in tax returns filing. A person can file the taxes by going in person to one of the nearest offices designed for tax collection. Federal Board of Revenue has also automated the tax collection system in Pakistan; they have now made it very easy to file tax on income.

Where to Start Tax Filing?

For those who are unable to understand how to file income tax in Pakistan, there is another easy option. People are now searching for a free income tax filer; free service to file income tax might not help you at all. It is due because of the reason that the person who does not know too much may not be able to file the right amount you have to pay.

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